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#droptheplus Campaign to end Plus-size Labels for Models

Ajay Rochester, former host of the Australian reality tv show The Biggest Loser has started a powerful social media campaign, simply called #droptheplus.


"I am a woman FULL STOP. We are all women. Many shapes and sizes. It's not us vs. them. We are sisters!" - Ajay Rochester


Supported by big names in the lingerie and fashion world, the campaign has garnished support from designer Dita Von Teese and lingerie model Stefania Ferrario.  Ferrario, an Australian/Italian beauty is a UK size 12 and in the modelling world is considered plus size. This stigma has created a road block for many aspiring models, making it harder for them to realize their career goals.

What does this stereotype mean to the average woman? The average dress size of a British woman is size 16, and this industry standard lends the illusion to us regular Janes that we are *too big* and *not normal*.



Fashion is like freedom of speech - it's how we identify and empower ourselves. #droptheplus has spread like wild fire on Twitter, with women around the globe standing up for their right to feel beautiful. What do you think of this powerful campaign? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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