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Finding the Perfect Fit

Buying a bra can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. That's right, it can be...wait for!  Our helpful hints will guide you to the perfect fit, however we do recommend a professional fitting once every 6 months.

Tip 1: It's all in the band
A band that's too tight or too loose won't offer the support you need and can even cause discomfort. It's a common misconception that the support in a bra comes from the straps. A properly fitted band that lies snugly, flush against the body will offer the perfect support and lift.  If your bra band rides up when you lift your arms, it's too big. If it leaves painful, red marks on your body, it is....drum roll please....too tight!

Tip 2: Cup size matters

Back fat. Cup-cake top. We all dread it, many of us have struggled with it. This is a sure sign that your cups are too small. Breast tissue extends towards the armpit and your breasts should be totally encased in the cups.You wouldn't leave the house in trousers that were a size too small, show your breasts the same courtesy and they will thank you. I promise. In contrast, a cup that wrinkles and puckers is too small.

Tip 3: Have an open mind

Like buying a pair of new jeans, no two bras fit alike. There are slight size discrepancies between bra manufacturers and even different styles within the same brand. You may often have to try a size up or down to find the perfect fit. Try on different styles to see what suits your frame. You may love a moulded cup but it may not love you. With an open mind, a wee bit of patience and a visit to a trained bra fitting consultant you will be able to find *THE* bra that was made with your body shape in mind.

Visit Poinsettia's today for your complimentary bra fitting.
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