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Modelled by Role Models - Panache Lingerie Wants to Know Who Inspires YOU #myrolemodel

In Spring 2015 the award winning British Lingerie brand Panache launched it's inspiring Modelled by Role Models campaign. They set out to celebrate inspirational women around the globe who have overcome obstacles, challenged themselves or those around them & done remarkable things to make this world we call home a better place.

In a society that is so hyper focused on image, Panache hopes to champion a new generation of role models - ordinary women who have done extraordinary things.

Panache is asking YOU to nominate the exceptional women in your life. Women that that have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and inspired you to be the best that you can be.

Nominations can be made HERE until April 3rd 2016.  15 phenomenal women will be carefully selected by the team at  Panache. The public will then vote for the lady that inspires them most and the final 6 role models will be chosen. Winners will be featured in the next Modelled by Role Models photo shoot and advertising campaign. How exciting!

#myrolemodel #goodluck








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