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Hello, Shock Absorber - Goodbye, Bounce!

by Poinsettia Style May 14, 2018

For more than 2 decades Shock Absorber has been manufacturing superior supportive sports bras and helping women worldwide to reduce bounce during sport.

Developed by a team of experts at Edinburgh University, Shock Absorber was designed to counteract the negative affect of exercise on womens bodies. Since 1995 Shock Absorber has campaigned to educate women on the importance of wearing a sports bra. 

In 2005 Shock Absorber took their product a step further! Pioneering research on breast health was conducted at the University of Portsmouth using infared cameras. This provided important insights into how your breasts move during sport and lead to an even more supportive design. Since this original research was conducted all new Shock Absorber ranges have been tested at the university. When buying a Shock Absorber bra you can be confident it has been designed to provide the best and healthiest breast support possible! 

Shock Absorber offers a wide range of sport specific exercise bras to ensure the best bounce reduction no matter what your sport. 

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra is a favourite of ours, offering unparalled support whilst running. This non wired sports bra is proven to reduce bounce by almost 80 % and provides ultimate friction free support to an H cup. 


The Shock Absorber Multi Sport Support Bra provides unbeatable support for any high impact sport! This crop top design features an adjustable racer back for freedom of movement and is available to a HH cup. 


Not sure what size you need? Drop our bra gurus a line at sales@poinsettiastyle.co.uk.

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