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Bra Fitting Advice Tip # 1: Where Should I Fasten My New Bra?

Let's get back to basics! Poinsettia's expert bra fitters are going to share some tips and tricks with you to help you find the perfect fit this February. 

Bra Fitting Advice Tip #1

Woman ask us all the time, " Where should I fasten my new bra?" 

Most bras have 3 sets of hook & eye closures. Some maternity and nursing bras have 5-6 sets and we'll talk about this in a while. So which set should you use? 

A new bra should always be fastened at the loosest hook eye closure. The band should be firm when fastened and shouldn't pull away from the body more than 1.5" when gently pulled. If you can do your new bra up on the 2nd or 3rd setting it's probably too big and you should try a band size down. 


The science behind it. 

As 80% of your support comes from the bra band it's only natural that this stress will cause your bra band to stretch. The lifespan of a frequently worn bra is about 6 months and this is because after this length of time the band has stretched and will no longer offer the same awesome support it did when it was new.  As the bra band stretches the 2nd and 3rd set of fastenings are there to allow you to tighten the bra band. A good rule of thumbs is 2 months wear for each set of hook eye closures, although this will vary depending on how often you wear your bra. 

Pregnancy is a game changer. 

During pregnancy your rib cage expands and depending on how you carry your baby you may find that you go up 1-2 band sizes. Most nursing and maternity bras have 5 or 6 sets of hook & eye closures to allow for this expansion. 

Most women begin to outgrow their regular bras at about 8-12 weeks of pregnancy and it's normally the cup size that prompts a new Mum to be to start shopping for a new bra. 

When purchasing a maternity bra during early pregnancy it's recommended to fasten your new bra on the tightest set of hook & eye closures. Although your band will still stretch your rib cage will expand quickly ( if your bump is quite high this will seem amplified) and these additional fastenings will allow your bra to expand with you. You should be able to wear this new bra until month 7/8, that's when we recommend a second professional nursing bra fitting. 

Visit us in store at 36 Langside Place,Glasgow or online for additional bra fitting advice. 









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