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Boobies, Tatas, Hooters - How to say Breasts in 10 Languages

by Poinsettia Style February 27, 2017


Boobies, tatas, name it, we've all got 'em!

If you find yourself lost somewhere out there in this great big boobie filled world we've put together this list to help you navigate your way.

1. Italian : Seni

2. Polish : Piersi

3. Portuguese: Seios

4. Dutch: Borsten

5. French: Seins

6. Spanish : Pechos

7. Latin : Ubera

8. German : Bruste

9. Sweedish : Brost

10. Gaelic: Ciochan

We would love to know how you say breast in your native tongue, do share!





Poinsettia Style
Poinsettia Style


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