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A Mother's Day Lingerie Treat - Mum & Daughter Bra Fittings

Lingerie is one of the most important staples to a woman's wardrobe. Many loving and selfless Mums are quick to spend money on designer clothing for their children but often neglect themselves. If you're a Mum yourself, you'll understand this completely.

To give is better than to receive. 

The lifespan of a bra is about 6-9 months if washed and cared for correctly. After this time your bra will stretch, change shape and won't offer the same amazing support it once did.  

After 6 months of wearing your bra it's time to return to your local lingerie boutique for a fitting (this is SO important) as your body changes size and shape constantly throughout your life. Your size may not have changed at this visit but it's best to let an expert advise you. 

Most woman wear their undergarments much longer than the recommended 6-9 months and most don't have regular bra fittings. For some it's the added cost of repurchasing new bras, for other's it's simply a lack of time to visit their local lingerie shop and have a professional fitting. 

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your wonderful Mum to some pretty lingerie that she otherwise may not buy for herself.

Why not make a day of it? Spend quality time together and book a complimentary Mother & Daughter bra fitting at our Southside Glasgow lingerie boutique.

Book before March 6th 2016 and with every 50.00 purchase we'll supply a card, beautiful gift wrap and our bra fitting expertise. 

Email to book your Mother's Day Mum & daughter bra fitting. 





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