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Lingerie Gift Giving - Closing the Gender Gap

It's Christmas time. The spicy scent of cinnamon sticks and gingerbread lattes fill the air, the tree is carefully decorated and your shopping is wrapped lovingly in hand stamped brown paper and bows. Wait a minute, this is real life, we're not living in a Pinterest board. The reality is December is fraught with stress and worry for many shoppers and while the internet can be a great resource to make buying the perfect pressie easier it can also be a minefield of bad advice and gender discrimination, especially when it comes to buying lingerie. 

We've recently stumbled across blogs, newspaper articles and websites filled with posts separating the sexes and offering men lingerie gift giving advice. We know that buying the perfect bra or babydoll for your sweetheart can be tricky, but it's certainly not just men that struggle. The assumption that men have no idea what their other half would adore is both silly, insulting and quite archaic in practice. 

We know that many men, like women, know exactly what they are looking for. We also know that some men, like women, need a wee bit of guidance to find the perfect style or size. We want you to know that no matter WHO you are the team at Poinsettia's is here to help.

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