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Spring Cleaning - Your lingerie 1, 2, 3's to finding a perfectly fitted bra!

Spring cleaning is upon us and the team at Poisnettia's have cleared our lingerie wardrobes to make room for new Spring/Summer 2015 styles.  As 75 % percent of women are wearing an ill fitting bra, we wanted to share some expert tips from our dedicated bra fitting gurus to make sure you're wearing the right style and size for your body.


1. The dreaded BULGE! This is a sure sign that your cup size is too small. Breast tissue extends towards the armpit and your breasts should be totally encased in the cups. Make sure to gently reach your hand into the top of each cup and adjust your breast tissue for a fuller more comfortable fit. This helps create amazing cleavage too ;)


2. The bra band BOOGIE. Is your bra band slowly inching it's way up your back? This is a very common problem with improperly fitted bras and is caused by the the bra band size being to big. The main support in a bra comes from the band which should lie snug against the body. When you purchase a new bra it should be snugly closed at the loosest hook/eye closure to allow room to tighten ( and maintain a proper fit!) once the band begins to stretch.


3. Painful POKING...ouch! This can mean your cup size it too small, it can also be caused by a style that isn't compatible with your breast shape. Certain brands are manufactured with a wider underwire, these are ideal for people with a fuller bust. If you have a full bust we recommend that you check out the fabulous ranges by  

4. BAGGY and saggy. Do you have a wrinkled area at the top, side or even bottom of your bra? This normally means that your cup size is too large but may also mean that you need to try a different style. Balcony styles like are great for a bust that is full at the bottom, we recommend Jasmine's side sling support and stretch lace which offer a perfect fit to a K cup.


5. The DIG! You know the feeling, you take off your bra at the end of the day and your shoulders say THANK YOU! Tightening your bra strap doesn't doesn't make your bra more supportive. The main support in a bra comes from the band. The shoulder straps should lie comfortably and not dig into your skin. If you feel you need to tighten the straps for support it may mean your band is too big.


We know your boobies will thank you for taking the time to get rid of old, ill fitting lingerie and dress them to impress this Spring. Happy shopping :)

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