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Don't add 4" - Your MUST have guide to PROPERLY fitting a bra!

Did you know? According to experts, 75% of women regularly wear the wrong size bra. The best way to avoid falling into this 'ill-fitted' bra category is a bi-annual visit to a trained bra fitting expert.

Select the boutique or online shop you visit carefully as not all shops offer the correct advice. Staff at Poinsettia's have over 15 years of bra fitting experience and we promise you'll love the fit!

Q: Why are my breasts bulging over top and sides of the cup?

A: This is a sure sign that your cup size is too small. Breast tissue extends towards the armpit and your breasts should be totally encased in the cups.

Q: Why does my bra ride up my back and move when I move?

A: This is a very common with improperly fitted bras and is caused by the the bra band size being to big. The main support in a bra comes from the band which should lie snug against the body.

Q: Why is the underwire uncomfortable under my arms?

A: This usually means your cup size it too small. Certain brands are manufactured with a wider underwire, these are ideal for people with a fuller bust.

Q: Why are the cups wrinkly with space at the top?

A: This means that your cup size is too big. A cup that fits properly will not sag or wrinkle.

Q: Does tightening my straps make my bra more supportive?

A: The main support in a bra comes from the band. The shoulder straps should lie comfortable and not dig into your skin. If you feel you need to tighten the straps for support it may mean your band is too big.

Q: How often should I check my bra size?

A: We recommend that you are sized once every six months. Our breast size changes for many different reasons including changes in weight, aging and pregnancy. For information on pregnancy changes click here

Q: Can a full busted woman wear a strapless bra?

A: Absolutely! We carry strapless bras from size A-K cup.

Q: Should I buy a bra that fits on the tightest hook?

A: You should buy a bra that fits snugly on the loosest hook. The bra band will stretch over time and this will ensure that you can tighten the band when it does.

Q: Should I add 4" to my bra band measurement?

A: Absolutely NOT! This is the biggest mistake women make when sizing a bra. This archaic practice began many years ago when fabrics were not as advanced as they are now. The fabrics used to create your lovely lingerie have more stretch and the fibers will loosen with time.

Follow our Step-by-Step guide below to get the perfect fit! Remember, we are always available to chat and offer fitting support at

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