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Maternity and Nursing Bra Experts - Fitting Advice

by Poinsettia Style April 08, 2014

You're going to be a Mum. Congrats! Pregnancy is an exciting time and choosing the right maternity lingerie can be confusing. With so many brands available, which product is right for you? At Poinsettia's we stock only the best maternity bras, nursing bras and loungewear. We have carefully chosen each style for it's comfort, construction and of course style. Maternity lingerie CAN be sexy, practical and comfortable!



Why Do I need a maternity/nursing bra?

Traditional bras don’t have room for your diaphragm to expand during pregnancy. Rigid underwire is not recommended as it can damage tender breast tissue and cause blocked milk ducts. Flexi-wire styles are safe to wear and can provide additional support for a full bust. All of the pregnancy support and nursing bras we carry have extra hook and eye closures to accommodate your growing diaphragm during pregnancy as well as the ability to tighten after your bundle of joy is born and your ribcage contracts.


Panache Lingerie Sophie Maternity/Nursing Bra


Comfort is Key

Your skin can feel tender and sensitive during pregnancy. With this in mind we stock only bras that have super soft lining, concealed seams or seams that avoid the nipple.



Cake Lingerie Seamless Maternity/Nursing Bra Cotton Candy


When do I buy a maternity/nursing bra?

It is important to be fitted for a new bra regularly during your pregnancy as the added weight and size of the breast will change the shape of your bust. Most people begin to notice changes at 3-4 months which is a great time to visit Poinsettia’s for a fitting. Alternatively, our expert fitters are happy to help via our online chat, email or telephone.

During these months it is common for a woman to go up 2-4 band sizes and 2-4 cup sizes. This will increase again once your milk comes in. A follow up fitting is recommended at 7-8 months to ensure a proper fit.

The bras you wear during your first trimester will be useful again post pregnancy when your breasts have reduced in size. Bra’s should not be purchased one size larger to allow room to grow. This will result in a poor fit and improper support. The extra hook and eye closures as well as stretch fabric will help you get the most out of your nursing bras.


What should I buy?

You can choose from a variety of A-frame and side support bras. A-frame creates a triangle frame around the bust and provides more coverage and support for larger cup sizes. The side support bra cradles the breast from the side during feeding and has less coverage allowing for more skin to skin contact between you and your baby.

A purchase of 2-3 bras at 3-4 months of pregnancy and then 1 bra at 7 months is recommended but we promise you’ll love our beautiful nursing lingerie so much that you won’t be able to stop at 3!


We are proud to stock maternity and nursing lingerie from Freya, Panache, Hotmilk and Cake Lingerie, Please visit us in store at 36 Langside Place, Glasgow, UK G41 3DL or online at to fulfil all of your pregnancy lingerie needs.

Poinsettia Style
Poinsettia Style


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