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Don't Add 4" and Other Pearls of Bra Fitting Wisdom


It's simple. Don't add 4" to your underbust measurement. If you visit a retailer in store or online who offers this incorrect and archaic bra fitting advice, run screaming! Ok, don't *actually* scream...or run...but don't waste your hard earned dosh on another ill fitting bra that won't support the sisters. 

Why is it traditional to add 4" to an underbust measurement? Well, back in the day (when you were just a twinkle in your mother's eye) fabric didn't have the same stretch that modern fabrics have. 4" was added to the underbust measurement to allow for tightening of the bra band and a snug fit. Because of the wide range of fabrics used in bra composition today and the stretch of these modern fibers we no longer need these extra inches to get the proper fit.

How snug should your bra band be? This is where the rules of bra fitting and common sense come in to play. Your new bra band should feel snug when fastened on the loosest hook/eye closure. Ideally, the bra band won't gently pull more than 1" away from your trunk and will lie comfortably along the ribcage without riding up. Comfort is key, and while snug is good ( think support ) painfully tight is not. Your bra band should not dig, cut or painfully mark the body. If you can't breathe, it's too tight! There's that common sense we mentioned, you get that from your mother. 

Armpit fat or boob-age? The centre gore of your new bra should lie flush against your sternum and the underwire should encase the entire bust. Got armpit fat? Gasp! This is normally migrated breast tissue that needs to be scooped back into the front of your bra. Adding this new found boob-age to your cup may mean going up a cup size or two but the results will be epic. 

Lastly, loosen those shoulder straps! The grand canyon should not be found on your shoulders and years of wearing bra straps too tight can cause permanent dips in your shoulders. You should be able to easily slide 2 flat fingers under each strap. Remember, your support comes from the bra band which brings us back to why we don't add 4" when measuring the underbust. It's the bra circle of life. It's all about the band, baby. 

Need bra fitting advice in Glasgow? Visit our Southside lingerie boutique, G41 3DL. Not local? Visit us online at where our bra fairies are always ready to chat. Our mission is to help YOU find the perfect fit. 





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